Why SME’s shouldn’t ignore Digital Transformation. What the Intel – AMD deal teaches us.

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Former rivals Intel and AMD are partnering on a next-generation laptop computer chip for PC users, in a move likely meant to challenge competitor Nvidia “ – TechRepublic, 6th November 2017

This joint venture shows the extent to which Digital Transformation is changing business models and approaches to winning, and highlights why SMEs can’t ignore Digital Transformation if they want to win.

Back in 2001, when I worked in the channel marketing team at Intel, one of my projects was to manage the market segment share analysis activity for the EMEA reseller channel.

Working with the channel sales teams across EMEA to gather Intel and AMD CPU sales data from resellers, and reporting into senior management, I experienced first-hand the rivalry between Intel and AMD, and the huge determination of Intel to remain the major force in the CPU market. There was real elation when monthly figures showed a couple of points market share gain for Intel, and disappointment and resolve to fix it, when market share was lost.

This was a perfect environment for me to quickly understand the inner workings of such a successful organisation, and see real competition in action, in the early stages of my career.

So when I fast forward to the news of this deal between Intel and AMD, it adds another angle to my understanding of how Digital Transformation is changing the world.

Two rivals joining forces to meet the needs of their customers, while taking on another giant in the graphics sector of silicon, Nvidia.

You’d expect nothing less than for organisations of this size to have great insight into what they need to do to exceed the expectations of their customers – the need for graphics processors in AI, machine learning and analytics, as highlighted in the TechRepublic vlog, but how can smaller organisations work to understand how to succeed in rapidly changing markets?

As with this deal between Intel and AMD, partnerships are proving to be a key asset to success. Look at the automotive market and the collaborations taking place between traditional car makers, software vendors and technology brands to deliver the next generation of vehicles. Or the positive turnaround that financial services organisations are experiencing in their customer relationships, by delivering brand new customer experience models with the help of FinTech and Customer Experience technology providers.

Enabling your organisation.

How can you ensure that your organisation is seen as a strategic partner for your customers and not just a supplier?

Planning the transition from being a supplier to being a partner needs focus and investment of time and money.

But how do you know what needs to be done? What opportunities are available in your existing and new markets? Where should you focus your investments?

From a high level, there are 2 key activities that will deliver the insight you need to start planning your strategy and how to position yourself to identify opportunities, including partnerships, and grow sales:

  1. Understand the priority markets for your proposition.
  • What are the developments taking place in these markets?
  • What opportunities are available?
  • How can these opportunities be won?
  • What are the challenges to succeeding?
  1. Gain insight from existing customers and prospects.
  • What customer needs are your marketing and sales engagements identifying?
  • How can your Customer Journey improve to deliver a better experience?
  • Why don’t you have a larger share of your customer’s wallet?
  • How are your competitors winning?

If you can focus time on understanding and demonstrating your knowledge of your customer’s chellenges and opportunities, including the impact of Digital Transformation, you put your organisation in pole position to becoming their partner, for the long term.

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