Journey Package

Beyond-Consulting working with you to build the strategy AND undertaking ownership for delivering the strategy; (I do the thinking and the delivery)

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Monthly mentor

1-2-1 coaching from Beyond-Consulting, to help you manage your way through building a successful marketing and business development strategy; (we do the thinking together, you do the delivery)

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One-off consulting

Consulting for specific areas of marketing & business development improvement. Billing occurs at the start of each individual phase.

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Please note that, in instances such as video production, event logistics, media creation, website design, email templates etc, Beyond-Consulting uses a network of trusted partners and costs are additional to the Beyond-Consulting marketing & business development charges.

Scale-up Coaching Grants

You can now apply for Scale-up Coaching Grants of between £1,000 and £2,500 to apply against the cost of Beyond-Consulting’s services.

The grants are available for West of England based businesses to help finance business coaching services to grow, launch new products or create new jobs.. For more details go to The Scale-Up Coaching Grant Scheme is part of the Enterprising West of England Programme, which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The minimum grant you can apply for is £1,000 against an investment of at least £2,500 (ex. VAT). The maximum grant you can apply for is £2,500, which will require an investment of at least £6,250 (ex. VAT). Grants are awarded on a case by case basis.

Journey Package

Delivering key phases of marketing & business development activities to fit your specific needs.

Priced at £2,400 ex. VAT per month (minimum 3 months), the Journey Package works through the key elements of marketing foundations and on through to creation of content and campaigns, followed by launch and management.

Stage 1: Essentials

Challenges & opportunities

• Knowing your business & your proposition
• Prioritise target customers
• Customer drivers

Building foundations

• Customer Journey
• Tools & systems for success
• Create campaigns
• KPI tracking

Stage 2: Growth

Launch & monitor

• Campaign launch
• Team success training
• Monitor progress

Stage 3: Go Beyond

Review & improve

• Next level targets
• Adapt Customer Journey
• Adapt & create new campaigns

This delivers the most complete marketing activity of all the Beyond-Consulting packages.

Monthly mentor

£800 (ex. VAT) per day

1-2-1 coaching from Beyond-Consulting, to help you manage your way through building a successful marketing and business development strategy.

An example would be guidance and input on identifying target customer segments and building “personas” (detailed profile, needs, wants and drivers of prospect customers).

One-off consulting

Consulting for specific areas of improvement. Pricing is determined based on individual client requirements. Please contact me to get an outline quote.

CX/CRM system advice & selection

• Requirements and process mapping session
• Existing technology review (what does the new system need to share data with?)
• Identify and shortlist suitable systems
• Recommendation of system implementation partner

Get social

£800 (ex. VAT) per day

• Set-up relevant social media profiles
• Techniques to get followers and engagement
• Processes to generate relevant content

Marketing skills training

£800 (ex. VAT) per day

• Planning around the Customer Journey
• Using sales & marketing automation
• Identifying target customers
• Building personas
• Choosing relevant marketing channels


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