Content creation guide – 1 page template.

Buyers are always on the look-out for marketing content that will help them make their decision. This is the time when you have the opportunity to show your expertise and prove that you’re a helpful company that knows about their industry sector and your own products.

But when it comes to writing content for you marketing campaigns, writers block hits. You can get stuck using industry standard language. You can make too many assumptions about how much your buyer knows, or needs to know. Then there’s the fear that you’re giving too much information away. What if they just take your brain dump and do it themselves? (they won’t – they don’t have the time).

All this faffing leads to two outcomes. 1: lots of unfinished, unpublished content (because you’re not sure it’s right); 2: publishing content just for the sake of getting something out there.

Neither of these will show your business in the best light.

This 1 page template will help you identify what your customers are looking for and what content you should be creating. It’s not a structure for a full marketing campaign, but it will set you in the right direction.

The template guides you through some simple steps to help get your grey matter in gear.

Need or Pain Point: Think about what challenges your customer is having or what gains they’re trying to make, or opportunities they’re trying to win.

Questions and Conversations: This step gets you thinking like your customer. How are they talking about their needs and the types of solution that you offer? How would they ask for help? Think of language they would be using. You can also look at the questions existing customers ask your customer services team and account managers.

Keywords: A bit like the questions and conversations step, what are some of the specific words they would using to describe their need and what they’re looking for in a solution.

Free assets and Sign-up assets: Next you need to be thinking about what useful knowledge you need to give away and are willing to give away. This is the information that will hook your customer into reading your content. Some you will be happy to publish freely, but some you will ask them to provide their contact details, which you can then use to add them to a mailing list. The more meaty content is the stuff you would ask contact details to access.

Using the template will help you identify what content you need to publish and in what format (you can re-use the same core content in multiple formats).

Time to get cracking.


Robin Lane, Clevedon, BS21 7ET, UK