Resources to help you generate higher quality sales leads.

This is just a short post to remind you that I regularly produce guides, helpful tips and other resources that you can use to improve your marketing activities.

They’re all designed to help you generate higher quality sales leads, more repeat business and increase the number of referrals you get from your customers.

If you want to meet up to speak to me about what your challenges are, what you’re looking to do, or just get some tips on how you can improve your lead generation activities, give me a call – I’m always happy to put some time in my diary.

The resources are in the Downloads section of the site and also on the Blog.

They incude:

Marketing nurture campaigns – engage and manage positive conversations with sales prospects.

Lead scoring – only pass higher quality sales leads to your sales team.

5 steps to build your marketing plan – tips on the key areas you need to focus your time on.

Choosing a CRM system – a process to make sure you choose the best CRM system for your business.

Deliver more ROI from your marketing auromation software – making sure you actually generate more revenue from your marketing automation software.

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