Marketing automation software – Great, but it’s not a magic wand.

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Marketing automation software has become increasingly popular, because organisations are starting to understand the benefit of having a system that enables them to create very personalised, multi-step marketing nurture campaigns and deliver them in a highly automated way.

As well as providing each individual target contact with a personalised experience, which delivers the specific content they would be interested and excited by, marketing automation software also takes out much of the wasted admin time it can take to run, monitor, manage and update marketing campaigns.

However, marketing automation software won’t magically make your campaigns more engaging.

And the reason for this is because even though you’ll definitely see some improvement in your lead generation and customer engagement, if your underlying campaign strategy and content messaging is the same as before you started using your shiny new marketing automation system, the core messaging won’t have changed – the level of engagement won’t have improved.

Payback your investment.

Along with the cost of implementing and using your marketing automation software, you’ll have no doubt given many hours of work to working alongside the software provider to get the software set-up. Your marketing team will have gone through a training programme to get ready to start using the software. Add all of this together and you’ll see that you have a sizeable investment to payback.

As previously mentioned, your marketing automation software will some deliver value if the functionality is used correctly to deliver personalised campaigns, but if you want much higher and much faster ROI (Return on Investment), you need to make changes to your marketing strategy and content.

Refresh your strategy and content.

By following the Beyond-Consulting 6 step “Marketing Campaign Quick-start Programme” you’ll be able to create a highly effective marketing strategy and supporting campaigns, which will deliver much faster and much greater ROI.

The ROI improvements come from:

  • Higher quality sales leads;
  • Shorter lead to sales timelines;
  • Increased lead to sale ratios;
  • Longer customer relationships;
  • More repeat business, cross and up-sell and referrals.

Marketing Campaign Quick-start Programme

Download the free guide.

By focusing on 6 key steps, the Marketing Campaign Quick-start Programme delivers a marketing strategy and campaigns, which convert ideal prospects into great, long-term customers.

The key focus is to develop your positioning as the experts to help your ideal customers attain their goals.

The 6 key steps of the Marketing Campaign Quick-start Programme are as follows:


  1. Your proposition
  • Work out what you are really selling. What benefit will your product or service deliver?
  • What will be different for the customer after using your product or service?
  • What makes your product or service different to your competitors?


  1. Ideal customers
  • Identify your ideal customers, in priority order. Focus on the top 3.
  • Research what challenges they are facing and what opportunities there are for them in their market.
  • Make sure you know who the decision makers and influencers are in their buying process. What are their personal goals?


  1. Hero message
  • Create your “hero” message. This should clearly articulate how your proposition will help your target customers overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.
  • Stand out from competitors by saying more than just faster, cheaper, higher quality, or similar “me too” wording.


  1. Customer Journey
  • Map out your ideal Customer Journey to show what interactions you need to have with your target customers to nurture them through the buying process and beyond.
  • Remember, 57% of the buying process is over before the customer contacts one of your sales team.


  1. Marketing channels
  • Select the best marketing channels to reach your target customers.
  • Don’t forget face-to-face, as well as social media, video and web.
  • Understand how to use different channels and bring them together to ensure the widest exposure of your campaigns.


  1. Content creation
  • Create engaging, informative and unique content that builds your reputation as an expert and specialist in your AND your customers field.
  • Bring your content to life through a broad range of media, including video, emails, web and infographics.

Get started

I’d love to help you deliver greater ROI from your marketing automation platform, so get in contact when you’re ready to have a chat.

Alternatively, if you think you can give this a go yourself, feel free to download the overview of the Marketing Campaign Quick-start Programme.

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