Challenges and opportunities.

The UK construction market has evolved to be heavily dependent on Europe for it’s core resources – materials and labour. This means that currency rates have a large impact on the margins they make.

Firms can look to make their operations and projects deliver better margin, by investing in new technology to gain efficiencies, as well as positioning themselves well to play a role in larger projects, which brings longer term, more dependable income.

An effective marketing startegy can deliver increased revenue for investing in technology and present the organisation as avaluable partner for larger projects.

Beyond-Consulting’s role.

With experience delivering marketing and business development in the construction industry, along with the research undertaken for the Construction Industry Insight, I can develop a marketing strategy to focus on delivery of higher quality sales leads, more repeat business and increased customer referrals.


The resources below have been compiled by me to demonstrate my understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the consutruction sector, and to also provide useful tools for other organisations either in, or targeting, the industry.


Construction – Industry Insight Download

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Michael is one of the very few people who have the ability to deal with strategic thinking whilst delivering tactical results.  He always asks the right questions to make sure that everybody is making the right decisions. Michael is happy to question anyone top to bottom in a business and that is why he is so successful. When you are looking for results based marketing along with Strategic thinking, he is the right person.

Fred Wilkinson – CEO

Michael was always full of zeal and energy to get the job done, with a solid marketing plan, methodology and reasoning behind his motives. If that plan required questioning existing ways of doing things, or convincing (senior) management, I knew I could always rely on Michael to get the results that our channel required.

Adam Chapman – Director Global Marketing

Michael is a results oriented individual who shows great commitment, attention to detail and a real desire to get the job done. He has a clear understanding of Channels and knows how to market to them and through them. He can bridge the gap between marketing and the sales function to ensure a cohesive approach to market – I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Dale Peters – MD

Michael demonstrated excellent channel management skills. He can balance strategic and tactical demands well, and although his experience with me was primarily marketing focussed, he was clearly highly sales orientated in his activities.

Mark Whitby – Senior VP Consumer

Michael is a driven marketing professional who has a deep understanding of the channels to market and has a successful record of developing and executing both strategic and tactical marketing programs and initiatives.

James Moon – Commercial Director

Michael is a highly dedicated and diligent marketing professional. He is extremely personable, articulate and a good communicator. He has a good head for strategy and is able to develop plans to address objectives. He is a good team player and a leader. I enjoyed working with him.

Sanjay Kumar – Director Product Marketing

Robin Lane, Clevedon, BS21 7ET, UK