5 steps to build your marketing plan.

There’s more to a successful marketing plan than just writing content and posting it on social media.

This infographic gives you 5 steps to follow to create an engaging marketing plan, which will help you stand out from your competitors.

It guides you through the 5 key stages, including understanding your customer, building a Customer Journey and creating the content.

Download the free resource and start building your marketing plan.

The main aim of this is to help you work out how to stand out from the crowd of competitors offering similar products and services. When I speak to clients of mine, I talk about how we need to make sure their marketing doesn’t present them as another “me too”.

To present a different and more engaging message, you need to understand what challenges your target customer has, as well as what their goals are and the opportunities they have in front of them. Once you understand this, you have a much better chance of developing a marketing plan with content and activities that show how your product or service can help them overcome challenges and achieve goals, either directly or indirectly.

Download the 5 tips here.

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